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Large Huichol Skull (Yellow/Red)


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Product Description

Authentic Huichol skull made by Federico De La Cruz, master Wixarika artist and Marakaame.

“When there’s a communication bond between gods and people, a “Nierika” opens, through bright colours, figures and shapes, and a portal manifests.

It’s compositions represent the knowledge obtained through the ceremony.

The most precious artists are the Marakaames(shamans), named accordingly as the artists born inside the community, those who embody their direct experiences with the gods through their art; bright, intense and phosphorescent colours.

All Wixarika Art when done by a Marakaame, inherently portrays a whole vision that could not be conceived without the sole purpose of being in contact with their divinities.”

-Federico De la Cruz

Artist: Federico De La Cruz Materials: Fiberglass resin, beeswax and beads. Origin: San Andres Cohamiata, Jalisco, Mexico.

Measurements: Length: 17cm Width: 10cm Height: 15cm

Kupuri Art is committed to support the talent from the ethnic groups we work with, thereby 80% of all profits go directly to the respective artist/artisan.

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