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Merkababox X Grace Hazel


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Product Description


We are proud to present our first collaboration box - Merkababox X Grace Hazel.

Grace Hazel guides women to build loving relationships with their Pussy. This offering is designed to activate your innate sexual magick and divine feminine wisdom.

This mixture of bespoke and carefully selected items have been created by Medicine Women who are devoted to supporting women.

This offering is worth £85 - £100


Super Sexy by Glow Bar - An aphrodisiac blend of adaptogenic superherbs to lift energy and keep you feeling fired up and sexy.

Ceremonial Cacao for Pleasure + Intimacy by The Cacao Club - A Blood Moving, Heart Opening, Tonic for Deep Connection and Sensual Pleasure.

Goddess Drops by Forage Botanicals - Extracts of 4 herbs which are associated with Goddesses; The Virgin Mary, The Nymph Ida, Aphrodite and Artemis. Designed to help you tune into your womb wisdom and divine feminine.

Yoni Steam by Merkababox + Grace Hazel - A divine blend of herbs formulated to support and regulate the natural feminine cycle, and help to heal and detoxify the body.

Bloom Body Oil by Nathalie Bond Organics - A sensual rose oil for intimate breast massage

Exclusive Yoni Pleasure Palace Discount

PLEASURE Tarot Card by Freya Rose - Designed to serve as a reminder that pleasure is your birthright, that all the magick you need is already within you

We are honoured to support you on your journey.

PLEASE NOTE that this is a pre-order. We aim to dispatch boxes by mid December

For launch ceremony tickets, please visit Eventbrite and search : Merkababox x Grace Hazel

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