Frequently Asked Questions

Before getting in touch, see if the answer to your question is listed below

What's inside Merkababox?

A curated collection of 4-6 items chosen for their holistic or mystical properties. All items are always Vegan + Cruelty Free. Items can include: crystals, candles, oils, books, instruments, incense, home decor, utensils, superfood, natural supplements, vegan snacks,  cruelty-free cosmetics, and more.

I only want this month's box. Is that possible?

Absolutely. You can choose the 'Gift' option which won't renew. Alternatively, you can also subscribe and cancel/pause before the subscription renews.

Will my subscription renew if I paid via PayPal?

Yes. Regardless of the payment method, subscriptions will always renew unless they are: Paused, Cancelled or were bought under 'Gift.'

When does the subscription renew?

Subscriptions renew on the 1st of the month. Your Merkababox will be sent out shortly after. We will inform you if any changes are made, but always keep an eye on the subscription page for shipping dates.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently dispatching mid-late month due to Coronavirus delays. Monthly updates are posted on the subscription page.  

Why has my renewal skipped a month?

If you subscribe within the last 10 days of the month our system will automatically skip renewal on the 1st of the following month. 


1. To avoid a renewal charge before you have potentially received your first box

2. To avoid flagging double charges on your card within a short period of time

If you would like the box that is being skipped, please contact us and we will manually renew your order.

Does Merkababox ship internationally?

Yes, we ship worldwide! UK delivery is FREE | EU Shipping is £8 | USA Shipping is £25 | Everywhere else is £18. We do not take responsibility for any additional customs charges.

Why is shipping to the USA so expensive?

The US have changed their shipping policies from July 2020. This is due to the UPU agreeing to allow the US to set their own prices. Prices have also been affected by coronavirus flight restrictions to the US.

What if I'm allergic to an item in the box?

Please inform us at checkout if you have any specific allergies. We'll find a suitable substitute for the item and ensure the value of your box remains the same. Regarding nut allergies - we never offer nut containing edible products, but some skincare may contain nut oils. Refined nut oils do not trigger the allergy, but if your allergy is severe please note it at checkout and ensure you email us to confirm as well.

Our offerings are always vegan, so it is not necessary to note allergies such as dairy or seafood. 

Do you have an Ambassador programme?

We do indeed. If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for Merkababox, please email us at We will review your application and proceed with suitable candidates.

Can I get a refund on an order/renewal?

We only offer refunds up to 24 hours after purchase/renewal. Once this time period has lapsed your order will have already been processed.