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A place for Soul Searchers, Magic Makers, Wander Lusters & Freedom Seekers. Nabalo is there to help you manifest and thrive in the lifestyle of your deepest desires. They are passionate about providing Authentic Brand and Design Guidance and help you with Manifestation and Lifestyle Coaching.

Nabalo started with two people dreaming about adventures in far away countries. By following their heart their life became a beautiful blend of wanderlust, wilderness and wellness.   

Meet the beautiful souls behind Nabalo - Iris + Rolf

Iris, a young woman with a mysterious old soul.

Her mission is to inspire and help others manifest the lifestyle of their deepest desires. She travels the world in search of adventure, and she feels at home in forests of pine and birch. She is passionate about the beauty of nature and honouring that in her photography, web design and in her lifestyle guidance.

She is a Gemini Sun + Aquarius Moon sign.
She is a web designer, photographer and nutritionist.
She owns more books than clothes.
She is a highly sensitive introvert and crazy about essential oils. 

Rolf, the heart of a child and the soul of a lion.

The combination of spiritual life and science play a big part in his life. He believes that whatever he can imagine, he can create and live accordingly. Change is his buzz word and it seeps through in everything he does. He has an everlasting trust in the goodness of humans. He is passionate about making weirdness the new normal.

He is a Leo Sun & Libra Moon sign.
He has worked in 5 different countries.
He is a huge Terry Pratchett fan.
He is a highly sensitive extrovert and loves being around water.    

Grace Hazel Yoga

Grace is a qualified Yoga Teacher, Masseuse & Reiki Practitioner. She is passionate about combining Energy Medicine, Movement and Massage in order to create the perfect space for healing and bliss.   

Her most popular treatment is ‘Full Illumination Therapy.’ During this treatment you will find complete body balance through a delicious combination of Thai Yoga Massage and Oils work, specifically designed to prepare the body to unravel into relaxation. Full Illumination is achieved by Grace working with each of your 7 chakras - unclogging, channelling Reiki, rebalancing and sealing your energy field - bringing your body into a full state of alignment. Each session is held in Reiki Energy, so any releases & letting go which may occur will be experienced safely and sacredly.

Grace found her way to reiki and healing through a chronic pain condition. After traditional medicine failed her time and time again, she attended her first Reiki attunement and had a breakthrough, setting her on a new path.    

She believes that as humans, our life can contain a complete whirlwind of stuff. Things like stress, trauma, drama, shock, and overworking, can pop our body in an awkward position. The body will try its best to cope, but if we aren't giving back on a regular basis we create disharmony in our energy, which then leads onto disease & physical ailments. By taking up a regular practise of self-love & energy care (in the same way we regularly keep our physical bodies in shape by exercising) we allow our body to come back to how it works best. If we keep bringing it back into balance and help it to stay in balance the dis-ease you experience can softly melt away. 

Heike Langhans

An old soul Aquarian with her head in the cosmos. As an outspoken individual with an introverted nature, Heike spends her time creating music, art, free-energy and protective trinkets. She enjoys hours, days and weeks of in-depth research into just about everything in existence and becomes overwhelmed with synchronicity and realization. In dreamwalking, she found her purpose - To bring messages of healing and multi-dimensional awareness. To bridge the gap in communication between pragmatic materialists and creative manifesters.  

Heike is the female vocalist in Draconian, ISON, and LOR3L3I. Singing has always served as a means of channeling and reaching out to hearts on Earth. She believes words cannot hold the right energy, but music and melody can move mountains. Her mission will always be to balance Light & Dark. This has meant venturing into the lower frequency planes to learn and understand the darker nature of our reality in the human experience. And to carry the light to those around her who are lost.  

Heike maintains a service-to-the-all mentality instead of service-to-self. She trusts that everything we need to survive can be ethically sourced from nature instead of mass-produced in unbalanced chemical compounds.  This is the kind of world she calls to action through passive resistance activism and encourages creating awareness on a daily basis.   

Lucinda Sinclair

As the founder and designer of 'The Church of Sanctus', Lucinda's vision for the brand has been honed into 3 core elements: ethical craftsmanship, authenticity and divinity. What originally inspired her is what continues to influence her work today – symbolism, ideologies, light & dark, and our interpretations & connection to the divine.

Lucinda endeavours to empower women with a reminder of their divinity in the form of a garment. Her inspirational pieces are all handmade in London using only vegan friendly materials. 

Georgia Burns (aka Gigi)

Georgia identifies greatly with her sign - Pisces. She is an empathetic soul with a strong desire to reach out to others through her mental health activism. Georgia is a Wiccan and dabbles occasionally in witchcraft, performing spells and rituals for herself and her loved ones.

A keen photographer, Georgia loves to share images of her altar, crystals, candles, plants and beloved cats with her friends and following. By day Georgia can be found studying the human psyche at university but her idea of a perfect evening would be relaxing by a fire, listening to Iron & Wine and sipping a glass of Jack Daniels - combine all these things and you can draw this introverted English rose out of hiding.